Order Guide

To order analyzes from Spirit of Hven Laboratory is easy! Knowing which analysis to choose could be a little bit more complicated. This may apply if you need a certificate showing the contents of all the parameters required for the liquor to be approved for sale within the European Union or that you want to check any production parameters. Read and follow instructions below to make sure that your order and delivery will be processed correctly. If you have made a previous order from Spirit of Hven Laboratory you are already registered in the system and can easily log on to review order history and place a new order. First time customers have to enter Contact and Delivery information during the Checkout procedure.  

If you have questions about something, do not hesitate to contact us using the contact form. General Terms and Conditions can be found here


1. Registration of samples and selection of analysis 

  1. Go to E-analysis to select the analysis you are interested in
  2. Choose type of analysis, currently there are 2 categories, (Spirits and Beer). Select the analysis you plan to order.
  3. Enter your Sample ID, any term that allows us to identify your sample when it arrives and deliver analysis results from the sample
  4. Check sample preparation general SH-0000 (* = Mandatory)
  5. Check the analysis you wish to order
  6. When all analyzes are selected for the specified sample ID, press the "Add to cart" button
  7. If you have multiple samples to register, repeat step 1 - 6 for each unique sample
  8. When all samples are registered, review your cart items and proceed to "View Cart"

2. Checkout

  1. On the shopping cart summary page you will find the collection of analyzes that have been registered. Make sure that everything is correct! If you need to remove faulty items they have to be reregistered according to the procedure described above
  2. Proceed to Checkout when ready
  3. Returning customers are encouraged to login with username and password. First time customers have to enter Contact and Delivery information during the Checkout procedure
  4. Login information will be sent to the registered e-mal address and can be easily recovered using the forgot password function
  5. After completion of payment by card, you will receive an order confirmation by e-mail
  6. Now the order is completed, all that remains is to send the sample(s)

3. Send sample(s)

  1. Check the minimum volume in the analysis description to determine the volume that has to be sent for the analysis to suffice
  2. The most important thing is that you pack the sample(s) well. Use bottles that do not leak, please put the bottle in a tight plastic bag. Pack with good shock absorbing material (bubble wrap is good)
  3. Mark clearly on the outside of the package and in the documentation that the shipment contains samples with the following phrase "Not for sale and duty free laboratory samples for analysis"
  4. Send the package to:

    Spirit of Hven
    Norreborgsvägen 55
    SE-26013 Sankt Ibb

  5. Use a shipping company that can provide a tracking number. We would appreciate if you let us know this tracking number. Then we can follow  the sample and estimate when it is expected to arrive
  6. When the sample delivery arrives, you will receive a confirmation message

4. Result

  1. Once we have analyzed your samples, the results will be delivered in two ways. First as a PDF-file attached to an e-mail message with the analysis certificate, a few days later you will receive the original certificate by mail. Should there be any problems during the analysis, we will let you know

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