Distilled Beverage Analysis

Distilled Beverage Analysis

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Spirits analysis are available as packages and individual analysis. Below are descriptions of the different packages, click the heading to expand. If you only need one or more of the analysis in the packages, contact us by using the Contact form, and we will put together the best price for you. Are you interested in other analysis, please contact us. We can perform many more analysis than those found here. The analysis portfolio will be expanded with additional analysis in the future.

General Information
To know how much volume needs to be sent for each analysis. Check the description below. If you have alcoholic beverages containing a high sugar content, such as liqueurs, contact us for pricing.

Total Alcohol Analysis SH-0239

ID: SH-0239
Type: Liquor
Sample volume: >= 100ml

Parameters measured:

  • Methanol - CAS: 67-56-1
  • Ethanol - CAS: 64-17-5
  • 1-Propanol - CAS: 71-23-8
  • 2-Propanol - CAS: 67-63-0
  • Isobutanol - CAS: 78-83-1
  • 1-Butanol - CAS: 71-36-3
  • Amylalcohol - CAS: 123-51-3 and 137-32-6
  • Phenethyl alcohol - CAS: 60-12-8

Fingerprint Analysis SH-0238

ID: SH-0238
Type: Liquor
Sample volume: >= 100ml

This analysis give you a fingerprint of your spirit. Our GC-MS identifies the compounds in the spirit. You will receive the spectra and a list of the components. Can be used to compare with previous batches of the same spirit. Can be used to identify if a spirit is a forgery. Can also be helpful in the development of new recipes.

Standard Spirit Analysis (According to (EG) no. 110/2008) SH-0013

ID: SH-0013
Type: Liquor
Sample volume: >= 500ml

The analysis measures parameters to be analyzed according to (EG No. 110/2008)

  • Alcohol in volume%
  • Total acidity (as acetic acid)
  • Esters (as ethyl acetate)
  • Aldehydes (as acetic aldehyde)
  • Higher alkohols
  • Methanol 
  • Dry extract
  • Volatile bases containing Nitrogen
  • Furfural

Aquavit analysis SH-0038

ID: SH-0038
Type: Liquor, Aqvavit
Sample volume: >= 100ml

The analysis is designed to measure the most important flavors and scents of Aqvavit. According to the EU definition of Aqvavit, it must contain Kummin and / or Dill. A Swedish Aqvavit must contain Kummin and / or Dill and Fennel The result of this analysis gives the values of substances derived from these spices.

  • Carvone - CAS: 6485-40-1 
  • Anethole - CAS: 4180-23-8 
  • Limonene - CAS: 5989-27-5
  • Fenchone - CAS: 7787-20-4

Gin analysis SH-0090

ID: SH-0090
Type: Liquor, Gin
Sample volume: >= 100ml

The analysis is designed to measure the main flavors and fragrances of a Gin. These substances give an indication of the taste profile.

  • Pinens (α, β) - CAS: 7785-70-8, 18172-67-3 
  • Limonene - CAS: 5989-27-5
  • Estragole - CAS: 140-67-0
  • α-Terpinene - CAS: 99-86-5
  • γ-Terpinene - CAS: 99-85-4
  • α-Phellandrene - CAS: 99-83-2
  • β- Caryophyllene - CAS: 87-44-5
  • Linalool - CAS: 78-70-6 
  • α-Humulene - CAS: 6753-98-6
  • β-Myrcene - CAS: 123-35-3 
  • Citral - CAS: 5392-40-5
  • Terpinene-4-ol - CAS: 562-74-3

Custom Analysis

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